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How does the Carb & Calorie Conscious plan work?

The Carb & Calorie Conscious meal plan consists of low carbohydrate, calorie controlled meals made with whole foods, crafted for taste. They are high in protein and balanced with healthy fats to promote satiety with calorie-controlled portions to assist in weight management. As with any eating plan, we recommend pairing your balanced meals with other healthy lifestyle habits such as regular exercise, sufficient sleep and emotional wellness to get optimal health benefits.

How does the Plant-Powered plan work?

The Plant-Powered plan is a 100% vegan meal plan. It consists of dishes with significant protein content and balanced carbs and fats to provide a nutritious and satisfying meal to vegan, vegetarians, and flexitarians alike.

How does the High Performance plan work?

The High Performance plan is macro-balanced to help achieve optimal athletic performance. The meals have a higher protein content to promote muscle mass and recovery, sufficient carbohydrates and calories spread throughout the day to maintain energy levels and fuel exercise. They also contain moderate fat from healthy fat sources to provide slower burning energy and ensure health is maintained. If you have macronutrient goals that differ from our plan breakout or need more or less of a nutrient based on your activity for the week, our a la carte options can help deliver additional proteins, fats and carbs as needed.

How long will my Smart Meals last?

Once placed in your refrigerator your meals will maintain optimal freshness for 10 days.

Can I choose my different Smart Meals?

As each meal and each weekly plan is crafted to achieve specific nutiritonal targets and health benefits each plan is set and cannot be modified beyond choosing the plan, days per week and meals per day. We want to make eating well effortless so all you have to do is subscribe and enjoy!

How do I see what is on the Smart Meals menu each week?

You can see an overview of what is on the menu each week on the Meal Plans page of our website. You will also receive a menu card with each meal name and when we suggest you enjoy it in your box.

How are Smart Meals prepared?

Our culinary team is hard at work preparing your meals for optimal flavor, nutrition and enjoyment every week. They are made with real, whole ingredients that fit our top standards, packed and flash frozen- all to ensure you have the highest quality food experience possible, whenever you decide to enjoy them.

What ingredients are used to prepare Smart Meals?

We believe that for you to be your best, you must eat the best. That’s why we set high standards for the ingredients we use in every dish.

All of our meals…
Are free of refined sugar, wheat, gluten, soy, trans fats, MSG, additives, and refined oil.
Contain whole grains and complex carbohydrates
Use only free range eggs, free range chicken, free range beef, and sustainably harvested fish when they include animal products.

Are the Smart Meals environmentally friendly?

The Smart Meals are made with honest ingredients and packaged in recyclable containers.

How long do I need to follow Kauai Smart Meals plan before I start seeing results.

While food- the “fuel” you put in your body- is the foundation of health and performance, there are many other factors that contribute to your ability to achieve your goals, including what those goals are! Smart Meals provides you with the transparency of our nutritionals and ingredients to make sure you are feeding yourself well while on your journey to achieve your goals, but your own specific needs and lifestyle choices will also impact your ability to progress to becoming the best “you.”

How many calories are there in each meal?

The calories per meal vary by meal plan. You can find the average calories per meal and per day on the individual meal plan pages.

Do I see the nutritional value of each meal?

You can see the average macronutrients per meal for each plan on the meal plan pages, and every dish you receive will have the nutritionals included on the package.

How is the nutritional value of each meal calculated?

Each meal’s nutritional breakdown is calculated by registered dietitians.

Are Kauai Smart Meals Halaal certified?

Yes, all the Kauai meal plan options are Halaal certified.